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General Questions (A)

How do I tell if my Jewelry is real?

The first and foremost method for testing whether or not your jewelry is real, is to use a magnet and make contact with each piece to determine if the item is magnetic. Necklace and bracelets will have clasps that are magnetic because there is a metal spring inside, but no other portion of any jewelry or metal we purchase may be magnetic. The reason for this is because Gold, silver, and platinum are all non-magnetic. Jewelry that is magnetic may be gold plated but this is not valuable and we will not purchase these items.


What items does National Gold Market purchase?

We accept all gold, silver, and platinum in solid form. This includes jewelry in any condition with our without diamonds as we will pay for certain stones (see question 8a). The material must have gold, gold scrap or silver or platinum in it to be reviewed for cash exchange or it will be sent back. Such common items include: gold earrings (broken, single, sets), gold coins (including foreign), gold bracelets, bangles, gold ropes and chains, gold pendants, gold rings, class rings, wedding rings, dental gold, gold pins and medals, and gold dental castings. Other less common items include: gold wires, platinum wires, silver wires, sterling silver ware (must be stamped sterling or .925), gold sizing pieces, and loose diamonds over 0.25cts.


Is there a way to receive a quote before I send my items?

National Gold Market offers the only service allowing customers to estimate the value of their items before making the decision to send them to us and sell. In order to do this you will need some method of determining the karat amount or purity of your precious metal and the weight. To find the karat amount, a magnifying glass may be used to examine the inside of rings, the back of earrings, or the near the clasps on chains. What you are looking for is a stamp depressed into the item commonly reading 14KT, 10KT, 18KT or possibly .418, .585, .785, .999. The later number system is more common in jewelry manufactured overseas and refers to the percentage f gold, silver or platinum content, please refer to the below chart for more in depth explanation. If you cant find any karat reading you can assume your items for the sake of estimation to be 14 karat since this is roughly 50% gold. The next step is to weigh your items using gram unit measurements if possible. If weighing in ounces is your only option please keep in mind that scales meant for food or postal measurement use standard ounce for measurement which is 28 grams. In all metal applications, including the NY Spot Fix, a Troy Ounce is used which is actually 31.104 grams. This is why grams is a better measurement. Now that you have these two pieces of information you can determine the overall gold amount and plug these numbers into our Original Cash For Gold Calculator to see exactly what we are paying at the moment. Please keep in mind that this price does change with the market price of gold and we will pay you from the price of gold the day your items are received, which is locked in whether or not gold falls or rises afterwards.

9 carat 375
14 carat 585
18 carat 750
22 carat 916
24 carat 999



Do I have to create an account to use the National Gold Market?

While using our price estimation tools are a free service for comparing our industry leading payouts to other companies, your own account is absolutely necessary to gain access to customer area features: print FedEx insured shipping label, track packages, and receive quotes. An account is free and easy to create, but you must pay close attention that the information you fill out is accurate and up to date. We automatically check every address entered for validity but if you see any errors on the address confirmation page please press ‘back’ in your browser to make the correction manually before creating your account.


Why do your prices change? What price will I get when I send in my items?

Our prices change according to the World Spot Price which include Asia, Europe, and NY markets. The price displayed is a fixed percentage of this price so as the World Spot Price goes up our price reflects that as well as with declines. The reason we pay according with the World Spot Price is for our customer’s benefit in fairness and because we operate on a national basis. The price you will receive is the spot price of the metal on the day we receive and inventory your package. That price will be locked in for you regardless of an increase or decrease in the World Market. Using our shipping label we should on average receive your package within 2-3 days.


Where is National Gold Market located?

The National Gold Market is located on the West Coast of the United States in Southern California, specifically Los Angeles Gold District. Our area comprises the largest amount of daily gold trading in the nation. We are also convenient to the most heavily utilized international trading ports with both Eastern and Western Nations alike. These competitive advantages translate to better security, reliability, and ultimately higher payouts for our customers.


What does National Gold Market do with my gold?

After our accounting department has verified offer acceptance by the customer our processing center moves packages to our refining centers where it is melted and mixed for immediate assaying. Assaying is done through both fire and x-ray analysis in our laboratory to determine overall purity before smelting. The gold is then moved to the induction furnaces where it is heated and mixed with gases to remove alloys and produce pure gold. A final electrolysis refinement is performed on the mixture and then the gold is collected and cast into bars for bullions or to be made for casting grain. We work selling privately to jewelry manufacturers, multi-level manufacturing corporations, and private banking institutes.


Will I get paid for diamonds or stones in my jewelry?

The National Gold Market does purchase diamonds that fit our criteria. This criteria includes: the diamond setting and whether or not the diamonds can be removed with out breaking, the diamond quality, color, and florescence. We do not purchase diamonds deemed as commercial goods but rather higher end stones, but we will pay for stones from 0.05 points to 2 carats and up. The payouts we give for stones are taken from Rapp Report market wholesale prices which are general diamond prices set and distributed around the world.


Why is the National Gold Market open to the public?

Our official entry into the public market started in 2008 when we upgraded our private precious metal buying facility and staff. Our internal board knew that it was necessary for a reputable gold buyer to open its doors to the public amidst unscrupulous TV advertising middle men. Fortunately National Gold Market was in the right position and management to make such a transition and the benefit to our customers and increase in business has been well worth the cost.


Who owns the National Gold Market?

The National Gold Market is owned by Americans for Americans. Our organization is made up of entrepreneurs in our jewelry craftsmen, business MBA graduates, attorneys and legal experts, and highly trained customer service staff.

Questions about using our services (B)

How do I send my items to National Gold Market?

To send your gold, silver, platinum, and diamond items to be evaluated and sold to National Gold Market you must first create an account using accurate correspondence information. Then you will be able to print out your shipping label, automatically generated and insured for you by FedEx Express shipping. Now you must package your items by double bagging jewelry in zip-lock bags and taping shut. You can use your own packaging material or FedEx provides free shipping boxes at their location. Our label will work with the Medium sized shipping box. You can simply tape the label to the surface of your package, or use a free FedEx Shipping envelope window.

If for any reason you are forced to pay out of pocket for additional shipping expenses or if you choose to purchase additional insurance, simply include a receipt of this with your package so that we may reimburse you on top of our quote for your items. Please note, if you deny our offer we will not refund you the additional cost of your shipping, because we will be returning your items to you.

Please also keep in mind, that you, the seller, maintains all liability for how your package is sealed and sent. If you do not feel confident in using our label or that your package is not secure please contact us, or simply send us a direct package through FedEx using the packaging materials that feel are most secure. We will refund you the cost of this shipping scenario as well, and appreciate your attention of importance in avoiding all shipping errors if possible.


How do I print/ reprint my shipping label?

Your shipping label is generated as a PDF file from which you simply need to print and either tape to the surface of your package or use a FedEx shipping window envelope supplied for free at any FedEx center. PDF is a common file format and can be opened with Adobe Acrobat reader which you may download for free. If you have any trouble with this please contact us and we will walk you through step by step.


How much is my package insured for? Can I purchase additional insurance?

Your package is insured for up to $1000 dollars and for weight up to 1.5 lbs. The reason we have partnered with FedEx is because they are the safest shipping company with the least amount of lost or stolen packages. They are also the quickest shipping company and our labels are pre-set for 2 day air delivery from any part of the country.

You may absolutely purchase additional insurance on your package at any FedEx location, and in doing so a new label may be created for you. In this case then you can send us a receipt of this additional expense and we will refund you this cost if we purchase your items. A separate section in your quote will display as shipping insurance refund. If your package gets lost, the way insurance claims will work is by you contacting FedEx to request the refund amount for which you increased your insurance by. We will also work with FedEx on investigating the missing package.


How should I package my items?

When packaging your items take special care that packaging is done well and items are not loosely secured. To begin place all of your items inside of a bag and remove all air. Next place that bag into another bag. Try to roll up the bag and place tape around the center portion so that all of the items inside the bag are tightly against each other. Next place the items into a box or package, preferably two packages. Use newspaper or something to prevent the bagged items from moving around the inside of the package during shipping. Seal each box and tape the seams on the outer box down securely. If you are using FedEx shipping materials you can place your items inside the FedEx Express Small shipping box seal the box, and then place the Small shipping box into a FedEx Express Medium shipping box.


What happens if my items get lost during shipping?

If you ship out your package using the label we have provided to you and there is evidence that FedEx inputted this package into their system we will request a FedEx investigation into what occurred during shipping. As soon as the package enters our processing facility, your package is in safe hands.

If anything happens to your package during shipping and we never receive your package or we receive a package with nothing in it, you must wait until an investigation is completed by FedEx before we are able to receive or release any insurance amount. In these circumstances, each case will be handled personally by our legal department so that we can assist you properly by contacting you directly. We will absolutely will not tolerate any attempts at foul play to unfairly claim package insurance. Our legal department has already worked closely with FedEx to assure that any such circumstances are isolated and minimized.

Questions about using our website (C)

How do I use the National Gold Market Cash for Gold Calculator?

To use the National Gold Market Cash for Gold Calculator you need to have a rough idea of what the weight and purity (Karat is gold) your jewelry items are. By clicking on the link for Cash for Gold Calculator you will find the input options for our calculator. First select the type of metal you have from gold, silver, or platinum. Next a new drop down box will appear appropriate to the metal you have chosen. For gold you will be able to select from a list of karats from 4kt to 24kt. For silver and platinum you will be able to select from a list of either .999 for pure or .950 for platinum jewelry or .925 for silver jewelry. After this, input the weight amount for the items you have and select the appropriate weight measurement from grams, troy ounces, and dwt or pennyweight. Lastly, hit calculate and you will have an instant quote from us for those details that you inputted! For more information on how to receive a quote please read question 3a.


How do I understand your live pricing section?

Our live gold prices are provided in three different weight conversions for your reference: grams, DWT or pennyweight, and troy ounce. We weigh everything by grams but we have provided DWT so you can compare to other gold buyers in this regard, and also troy ounces so you can compare to the stock market. Our live gold prices do change with the World Spot Price throughout each weekday. These include the Asia, Europe, and NY Spot Fix.


How do I create an account?

Creating an account with us is very fast and easy but you must take time to input the correct information. If you see on our homepage there is a box on the left section titled “Sign up for a free account.” All you need to do is follow each box and input your first and last name, address you wantto receive your payment and ship your items from, your phone number that you want us to contact you by to inform you your quote amount or ask you any questions, your email address which will act as your login name and a password which must be great than six characters in length. Upon hitting submit, you will be asked to confirm the mailing address that you entered so that FedEx will identify and confirm its validity, and lastly complete a Captcha code by entering the pictured letters or characters. You have no created an account and a FedEx insured shipping label for use in shipping your items to us.


How do I access my account?

You access your account by logging in with the email address and password you used in creating your account. Upon logging in you will instantly be taken to our customers area where you will have options to reprint shipping labels, track packages, contact customer support, and view quotes when ready. If you click on a link that takes you to our main site, you can still return to the customers area by clicking the option in the top right corner of the screen labeled “My Account.”


Is my account secure?

Yes your account is safely secured on our private server which is both encrypted and locked. The only person to ever have access to your account is our accounting department president who forms both the check and invoice for your offer.


What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password you can reset your previously entered password by following the “Forgot password?” button located at the top right of your screen on our homepage. This will then prompt a screen to input your email address to which the account was created with and a new password will be sent to that address. Then by using that new password and the email address as your user name, you will be able to access your account with no problem. If you would like to change your new password to something easier for you to remember please read question 6c. How do I change the password on my account?


How do I change the password on my account?

The password on your account can be changed so long as you have access to the email address you created your account with. After resetting your password (See question 4c How do I access my account, What if I forgot my password?) you must log in to your account using the new password and gain access to the customers area. From the customers area you will find a link on the bottom of the left hand side navigation labeled “Reset Password.” Click this link and you will be asked for your previous password and then to input your new password two times, to ensure you are inputting the password that you mean to. After this hit the submit button and your password will be changed for the next time you login.

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