Mission Statement

The National Gold Market is the premiere buyer of precious metals to the public wanting cash for gold. We are committed to providing innovative resources to make our customers informed during the process of selling gold jewelry, silver and platinum. We strive to provide industry leading payouts that are displayed openly to prove our trustworthiness and honesty with new customers. Our goal is to correct misinformation and broken promises from other gold buyers in our industry and offer a fair, transparent service. We do this by being available to educate each customer from the start in order create a positive experience with lasting impressions.

What we stand for

National Gold Market helps customers from being taken advantage of by non-licensed gold buyers or from having a lack of knowledge as to what type of jewelry they are selling. Almost all large online gold buyers operate by you sending them your gold and they sending you a check without ever explaining your quote or asking you first if you accept their offer. We have differentiated ourselves by providing exceptional tools and customer service to our clients and this is why our customers recommend us to others and continue to come back.

Who we are

The National Gold Market was founded by experienced business school graduates, loyal legal personnel with public service backgrounds, and premium jewelry craftsmen. Our business owners have operated with precious metals for over twenty-years. Our knowledge and location within the Los Angeles Gold District give us tremendous qualification and notoriety. Each of our internal Managers and Employees have extensive jewelry training background and as such are able to provide the items you are selling better attention to determine accurate value and prices. We are respectful and assertive in business and believe in progressive business aspects of transparency and authenticity. We offer fair percentages of NY Stock Market prices by which gold, silver, and platinum are bought, sold, and traded. For all these reasons we have come to assist the public in a great service of selling and refining precious metals to be used in several industries including jewelry, medical, electronic, investments, and banking.

Our History

National Gold Market is able to offer more cash for gold because we refine our own gold and are also wholesale jewelry manufacturers. We are headquartered in the Los Angeles Jewelry District, the nation's largest consumer of precious metals on a daily basis. We work for industry jewelers, jewelry stores, licensed gold buyers and pawn shops, and the general public.

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